Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year!

SO. Here we are in a new year and a new decade. Is it time to start over, or is it time to revisit the past? I think it's a bit of both for me. As I reside on the path of my own style and my own artistic path, I find myself going back and looking at what made me what I am now. So here I am, on my birthday posting a bit of work that I have been keeping for myself recently. Enjoy!

Image Title: Chipmunk Doodles
Notes: This is my take on Alvin from the chipmunks if the new CGI version met with a 2d version. The chipmunks are sort of my favorite cartoon characters ever. I remember the first designs of them I had ever seen. The 70's held a sort of angular over simplified look to them. Earlier than that they even looked like 'real chipmunks', IE using chipmunk markings. My favorite designs for them by far were the 80s and 90s where they got a little bit more complex while being simplified at the same time. Ross Bagdasarian would be proud knowing how far his creations have come! This is my homage to Alvin, expect the others soon.

Image: 2009 Christmas Card
Notes: For those of you that didn't get a Christmas card from me this year, this was the image :) I had the cards printed by Vista Print, which for an image with such low resolution came out very well. I'll certainly use them again!

Image: Christmas 2009
Notes: If you went to the Florida Furry Con known as Megaplex then you may have seen this print. It was submitted for their theme called Christmas in July!

Image: Randomonium
Notes: Here are a bunch of doodles from the last few months. All of these were done in OC for no particular reason. I have come to rely on that program as a sketching tool. All characters (c) Their respective owners.
Baby Cougari
Blaez being attacked by plush horde
Blaez giving cougari a little tickle (mildy suggestive)
Goldie getting a smooch from Orla
Frisket sketch
Cougari Goat
Dancing Orla
Cougari giving Swiftwind eagle a kiss on the beak
Swiftwind laughing at Cougari having just been blown up
Chipmunk cougari (new style)
Chipmunk cougari (old style)

Image: OD Drawings
Notes: Here's a compilation of doodles from the last few months.

These are the few that ended up quickly colored in OC.

Sid, Cougari, Blaez in an over simplified kid/chibi style
IronCougari, Cougari butt LOL, Surfin Sid and Princess Cougari and speed running Frisket!

All © Their respective owners.