Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have learned the magic of brushpens. Artists like Henrieke use them for the purposes of giving some great line width and shape. I figured its been ages since I've worked in real media, so I'll try my hand at it. SO here is the result!! Click the images for larger views!

Image: Headshots
Notes: These are some headshot doodles of Orla, Cougari and Sid and inked in brush pen. I really REALLY dig the thickness of the line in places and the thin-ness in others. It's pretty much the most AWESOME thing I've encountered. I was messing with expressions on this as well. I find that this style works for HAPPY FACE best, but the others look good too!

Image: EEK!!
Notes: Once again, trying out expressions. Did a little bit of shading in the tail, the far leg and the far shoulder. It's not very noticeable, but I really dig the effect you get with it.

Image: Alan and Cougari!
Notes: Alan doesn't like Cougari, at least not as much as she likes him! HAHA! Anyway. Trying two characters in that style. It works out pretty fantastic!

Image: Cougari Presents!
Notes: Here it is! COUGARI! She's like TADA! so...TADA!

Image: Cougari the Princess
Notes: I was listening to the Enchanted Soundtrack the other day and was inspired to draw this! Rarely is it that Cougari will put on a dress, but I have it on good authority that when she's in need of showing her girly side, she goes all out. Obviously.

Image: This is Halloween
Notes: Cougari is decked out in her finest Dracula Costume and ready to go Trick or Treating with the best of em! This image is inspired by some ideas I've had as well as the ideas of Jen Seng for the costume aforementioned.

This is all for this update! I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen here. Please also remember that there is ONE WEEK left for the Cougari Plush Preorder. Please go to Animated Visions Store to pick up one today!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;">Hi there everyone,

Here's a bit of an update to let you know how I'm doing lately. I've had a cold for the last week, which has had me under the weather. I did a few doodles in OC which I've posted up here, and am currently sketching the last of my model sheet work so I can begin inking and coloring.

There are still about 3 weeks to preorder your Cougari Plush. Some of you already had, but not nearly as many as had expressed interest in her before I ordered her. Status on her, I received pictures of her all tagged up, the whole shipment ready to come to me. I ordered shipping cartons, I finished making the print that will only be an exclusive with the plush preorders and just need to make sure I have enough postage ready to get them all mailed out. I thank everyone who's ordered one so far, and if you want to order yours go to Animated Visions Store

My website is live. Check it out Animated Visions!!

Other than that, I hope to get back to regular streaming soon, probably tonight. I really need to get caught up so that I can take more commissions and maybe do some $5 sketch commissions.


Now to the art!

Image: Sapphire
Notes: I did a little something for a friend of mine who was going through a rough time! I wish that I could do more!

Image: Disney-verse Brian Griffin
Notes: A couple of weeks ago, Family Guy had its premier where on it there was a bit about two minutes long where everything looked as if it had been animated by Disney. Aside from the usual "Disney Hates Jews" joke they pulled at the end of it, it was rather beautifully done and a great homage to the business. Here's a quick OC doodle in that style.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New News!

I have good news! My Website has gone live! There you'll find links to my gallery, store, here of course, and email information to contact me! I am pleased with the outcome and the effort. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my friends, Balaa and Dax!

I've changed my look here a bit to coordinate a little better with my site!

Now for the art!

Image: Castle Fanart!

Notes: I'm a fan of TV, and so is Cougari! When she's not face deep in cookies, she's usually watching something on TV. Castle is a great TV show, I encourage you to visit the following site

Images: Top: Red Panda Sketch Bottom: Red Panda Colored
Notes: Top: Henrieke was taking sketch commissions and so I paid to have her draw this adorable version of my Red Panda character, Nanook. I liked it so much that I colored it, that is the bottom image you see! GO TO HER BLOG! She's so awesome!