Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year, New Me

I can't believe I neglected to post here for so long.  I said to myself I would post here every day.  Since I neglected to do that, I will make some sort of new promise.  I will post at least ONE sketch every day.  It could be anything from a quick pass at a particular toon to a full blown development series on a character I've created.  My new pledge is for a Sketch-A-Day style blog with some finished works mixed in.

I have a TON of sketches to post, so I will start with something awesome.

Image: Cougari Expressions
Notes: A short time ago I laid eyes on a piece by Tracy Butler called: Lackadaisy Expressions . When I saw it I was recently in a funk wherein I found my inspiration fading. So I picked up my stylus and started doodling. Before too long I had a page of expressions that simply worked. I like to think Cougari is the most expressive part of my mind. I stretch her, squish her, pull on her and somehow she always turns out 'this way'.

Drawn in Open Canvas 1.1 and put together in Photoshop.

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