Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're the Chipmunks

Image: One Chip and Two Misses
Notes: The title for the piece is a play on a title of an old Chip and Dale cartoon from Disney called Two Chips and a Miss. I do so love character design. When I was a kid, I had the VHS tape of 'The Chipmunk Adventure' and played it constantly. I now have the DVD and play it in just the same fashion. The Chipmunks, those lovable squeaky voiced scamps, made my imagination run rampant. I found, through searching on the internet, someone that was selling scans of the model sheets used to make that movie. The model sheets tell in detail how to draw the character from various angles so that any artist can draw the characters in the style required for a feature film. I was fascinated by these sheets. I studied them a bit and decided I wanted to draw my own version of mine and my friends' characters as characters from the Chipmunks. This is the result. PS: The sheets also included the Pantone color charts for the characters. I feel like it was a great find, and I would love to do more art using those sheets.


  1. ZOMG posting a Blog comment from LJ on this XD

    This is so cute and seeing it all colored and put together is even more adorable.

  2. Haha, this is fantastic! I also loved the Chipmunks when I was young, and it's great to see that style again. I'm really loving Balaa's vest.