Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cougari Model Sheet

Image: Cougari Model Sheet
Notes: Over the years, Cougari has gone through many many changes and revisions. Many characters grow with the artists who design them. I originally designed this character back in 1997 in my last year of high school. Cougari started off as a fan character from the Walt Disney film The Lion King. Over the years I tried to grow away from that and made her into a character who, to me, has become something of her own presence.

About the Character: Cougari is just a fun loving little cartoon cougar. She's expressive, wild and friendly with a love for sweets, television and movies, music and games. You can always find her perched in front of a television with a bowl of popcorn or sitting in a movie theater in similar fashion.


  1. I remember seeing Cougari on the internet way back when I first started to draw. Your art was, and is, still very inspirational for me! I love seeing Cougari again. *follows blog*

  2. I have followed you here :D

    *lurking in your comments watching you blog*

  3. It's so nice seeing art from you again, and I really like Cougari's new sheet ^^ I remember her design from waaay back =)
    (btw it's Oscen in case you don't know my name :P)

  4. So nice to see you here! I'll be watching :)

  5. Fantastic, I love your artwork ^_^. Cougari reminds me a bit of Animaniacs actually (although far more detailed).