Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have learned the magic of brushpens. Artists like Henrieke use them for the purposes of giving some great line width and shape. I figured its been ages since I've worked in real media, so I'll try my hand at it. SO here is the result!! Click the images for larger views!

Image: Headshots
Notes: These are some headshot doodles of Orla, Cougari and Sid and inked in brush pen. I really REALLY dig the thickness of the line in places and the thin-ness in others. It's pretty much the most AWESOME thing I've encountered. I was messing with expressions on this as well. I find that this style works for HAPPY FACE best, but the others look good too!

Image: EEK!!
Notes: Once again, trying out expressions. Did a little bit of shading in the tail, the far leg and the far shoulder. It's not very noticeable, but I really dig the effect you get with it.

Image: Alan and Cougari!
Notes: Alan doesn't like Cougari, at least not as much as she likes him! HAHA! Anyway. Trying two characters in that style. It works out pretty fantastic!

Image: Cougari Presents!
Notes: Here it is! COUGARI! She's like TADA! so...TADA!

Image: Cougari the Princess
Notes: I was listening to the Enchanted Soundtrack the other day and was inspired to draw this! Rarely is it that Cougari will put on a dress, but I have it on good authority that when she's in need of showing her girly side, she goes all out. Obviously.

Image: This is Halloween
Notes: Cougari is decked out in her finest Dracula Costume and ready to go Trick or Treating with the best of em! This image is inspired by some ideas I've had as well as the ideas of Jen Seng for the costume aforementioned.

This is all for this update! I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen here. Please also remember that there is ONE WEEK left for the Cougari Plush Preorder. Please go to Animated Visions Store to pick up one today!


  1. beautiful work, and great flowing lines! It really gives extra life to the characters.

    One question though.. brush pen? I've never tried these before and really curious about trying them out. Any brand/type you recommend? :)

  2. I am using Faber Castell. It was one of the cheapest I could find. It came in a pack of four different sized inking pens. :)